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Let Lubbock Texas Attorney Charles Dunn Handle Your Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you have sustained injuries because of a doctor, nurse, or hospital’s medical malpractice, or a serious accident caused by another party, Texas is one of the most difficult states in which to recoup substantial damages. Not only has tort reform limited the amount of money you’re allowed to recover, but the state abounds with “lawsuit mills” that will gladly take you on as a client and treat you as a mere statistic.

With offices in Lubbock, Charles Dunn is that rare exception: a sole practitioner who only takes on the most serious personal injury and medical malpractice cases, and who gives each case the time, care and attention it deserves. Charles has been practicing law for over three decades, and has successfully tried nearly 100 jury trials in both state and federal courts. What's more, both Texas Monthly and recently recognized Charles as one of the best attorneys in the Lone Star State.

Here are the types of cases in which Charles Dunn can represent you:

  • Hospital and physician negligence. A missed diagnosis, a botched operation, or a medication administered in the improper dose can have serious long-term health consequences. Charles Dunn has successfully recovered millions of dollars in damages from culpable doctors, nurses and hospitals.
  • Birth injuries and birthing complications. Even the most routine deliveries can go horribly wrong if a doctor or nurse makes an incorrect or hasty decision; the result can be a newborn infant with serious brain damage or other developmental difficulties that will affect him for the rest of his life.
  • Brain and spinal cord injuries. Slip and fall accidents, car crashes, and other unforeseen accidents often cause severe neurological damage. The result can be months, or even years, of rehabilitation, as well as missed time from work. Charles Dunn will fight with you to collect damages from the responsible party.
  • Paralysis, quadriplegia and paraplegia. Short of death, the worst result of a car accident or botched medical procedure is paralysis, either full-body (quadriplegia) or involving the legs or one side of the body (paraplegia). Who will pay for the expenses these conditions incur for the rest of your—or your loved one’s—natural life?
  • Personal injury and wrongful death. Were you injured in a car accident caused by a texting teenager? Did a piece of equipment on your assembly line malfunction, costing you a limb? Has your spouse or child died as the result of the negligence or recklessness of a third party? Charles Dunn can help with your case and secure you the maximum compensation available.


Filing a lawsuit is always a difficult process, especially if you are coping with the long-term consequences of an accident or an instance of medical malpractice—or even if you’re just helping a family member who has been injured by a negligent party. By hiring Texas lawyer Charles Dunn as your attorney, you will be assured of the personal attention your case needs, and you’ll be working with one of the most successful personal injury lawyers in the state of Texas. Call Charles today at 888-684-6880 for a free consultation!

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