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Blog Posts by Texas Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Lawyer Charles Dunn

In these blog posts, Texas lawyer Charles Dunn discusses the finer points of pursuing a claim for medical malpractice or personal injury.


Judge John B. Board of Randall County ruled today that the 2008 court ruling which created High Plains Diversified Energy Corporation was not valid and that W.T.M.P.A. did not have the authority to create High Plains. Because High Plains was illegally created, High Plains has no authority to issue 1.575 billion in bonds to buy two power plants in Odessa. The court dismissed the suit and effectively ended the purchase of the power plants. High Plains indicated to the court that it would appeal.

The long saga which began in January with the announcement by High Plains of its intent to purchase the two power plants ended in the court room today with a whimper and not a bang. And that is a fortunate thing for the taxpayers of Lubbock. My thanks to the Lubbock City Council and the Odessa City Council for protecting the citizens of their respective communities from this power grab.

BY: CHARLES DUNN – MARCH 7TH, 2012 FILED UNDER: UNCATEGORIZED In a twist of irony that could only occur in the politics of our city, the Lubbock City Council met behind …

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Fraud Lawsuit BY: CHARLES DUNN On February 6, 2013 Talon, an Amarillo company which has a contract to provide LP&L with utility construction services, sued its Lubbock based project manager alleging fraud. The lawsuit alleges that Talon’s project manager, who was responsible for supervising the construction and repair work to LP&L’s Massengale Station cooling towers, created fictitious companies and invoices and submitted them to Talon for payment. Talon alleges that it was bilked out of more than $340,000 as a result of the scheme. The lawsuit can be found here.When notified of the suit, the City finance department began to look into LP&L payments to Talon and other contractors currently being paid by LP&L for utility work. The results of the preliminary investigation are disturbing. Pamela Moon, Executive Director of Finance for the City reported that there were payments made without Electric Utility Board (EUB) approval and insufficient documentation of work done. Moon prepared a spreadsheet detailing payments made to Talon for 2012 and found that more than two million dollars had been paid to Talon for work on the Brandon, Massengale and Cooke stations. Of the amount paid to Talon in 2012, only $1,034,000 was approved by the EUB. More than 1.6 million was paid to Talon without EUB approval. According to LP&L guidelines, no purchases of more than $100,000 may be made by LP&L without EUB approval. Moon also found that several invoices appeared to be “split” to avoid the requirement of EUB approval. A split invoice is one for a project that is billed in stages instead of all at once in order to avoid the $100,000 EUB requirement. The spreadsheet is here…

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BY: CHARLES DUNN – MARCH 28TH, 2013 FILED UNDER: UNCATEGORIZED On March 27, 2013, City of Lubbock auditors completed their audit of LP&L. Their findings and recommendations are set out here. …

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BY: CHARLES DUNN It has been a long hot summer for the Lubbock City Council. It began with a month long council fight over the performance of city manager Lee …

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As part of the Lubbock community, I serve on the Electric Utility Board of the City of Lubbock. The board oversees the activities of Lubbock Power and Light which is the electric provider for the City of Lubbock.

Giving back to the community by volunteering is an important role for any lawyer who serves the community where he lives, works and raises his family.

In response to accusations of racism, an Electric Utility Board member told a group of Texas Tech faculty that, as the public face of Lubbock Power & Light, embattled director Gary Zheng must be held to a higher standard….

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Lubbock attorney Charles Dunn seeks to hire new attorney for the Electric Utility Board

Lubbock Power & Light leaders could hire this week the municipal utility’s third attorney in less than a year and a half.

The Electric Utility Board will interview at least one candidate and possibly make a hire during its meeting at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the municipal utility’s downtown office….

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Lubbock attorney Charles Dunn proposes fiber optic cable for downtown redevelopment

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Lubbock Attorney Charles Dunn appointed to the Electric Utility Board of Lubbock Power and Light  

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Car crash claimed the life of one Texas Department of Criminal Justice correctional officer

Texas Department of Criminal Justice officer killed in early morning accident; two others injured in a car crash.

According to Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesperson Jason Clark, the correctional officers were together in one vehicle traveling north on FM 247 when their vehicle left the road and struck a tree.

Killed in the accident was Diamond Tarpeh, a correctional officer at the Ferguson Unit. He was hired by TDCJ in June of 2014 and was a correctional officer III.

One man, Uchechvkwu Apugo, was taken to Conroe Regional Hospital where, according to Clark, he is awaiting surgery. The other man, Akor Daniel, was taken to Huntsville Memorial Hospital where he was treated and released.

Troopers with the Texas Department of Public Safety are investigating the cause of the accident.

Judge Rules Fracking Risks Ignored By Obama Administration In California

A federal judge has ruled the Obama administration broke the law when it issued oil leases in central California without fully weighing the environmental impact of “fracking,” a setback for companies seeking to exploit the region’s enormous energy resources.

The decision, made public on Monday, effectively bars for the time being any drilling on two tracts of land comprising 2,500 acres (1,000 hectares) leased for oil and gas development in 2011 by the U.S. Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management in Monterey County.

Man Who Lost Finger At Perot Sports Exhibit Plans To Sue

An engineer from Mexico who was visiting Dallas lost a finger when he participated in one of the exhibits designed to measure the participants vertical jump against that of athletes. Luis Uribe took part in an exhibit called “Jump” in which you jump as high as you can an touch a button. Uribe’s wedding ring got caught on the button and his finger was amputated. I could not be reattached. See the story here

Mass Tort Likely Over Mirena IUD Injuries

In response to scores of lawsuits brought over Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s Mirena® intrauterine device (IUD), a mass tort is likely over allegations the device migrates after insertion, embedding in the uterus or puncturing organs.

The injuries, noted Lawyers USA Online, require surgical removal of the Mirena® and may also lead to other serious injuries and infections. Some 75 cases have been filed in New Jersey state court; 50 other cases have been filed in federal courts nationwide. Plaintiffs attorneys believe this number will continue to rise, especially given that about 2 million women use the Mirena® worldwide.

Misdiagnosis Leading Cause of U.S. Malpractice

The most common and costly medical malpractice claims are those involving missed or wrong diagnosis according to a study of a national data bank of claims dating from 1986 to 2010. According to the study, 35% of all payouts on malpractice claims were because of diagnosis errors. Diagnosis related claims were also the leading cause of claims that were associated with death and disability.  Most errors occurred in outpatient settings, but those which occurred in the hospital were more likely to be fatal.

Most Current Insurance Policies Won’t Satisfy Obamacare Requirements

Just over half of the individual plans currently on the market do not meet the standards to be sold next year, when many key provisions of President Obama's Affordable Care Act kick in, according to a University of Chicago study. That's because the law sets new minimums for the basic coverage every individual health care plan must provide.

Almost all medical insurance plans sold on the individual market will be scrapped in favor of new plans which offer comprehensive coverage.

The Texas Senate Gives The Ax To Insurance Commissioner

Two years ago Eleanor Kitzman ran for Lt. Governor of S. Carolina as a Republican. She lost. But she landed on her feet in Texas when Rick Perry appointed her Insurance Commissioner. During her tenure she turned a blind eye to large homeowner policy rate increases which raised the ire of both Republicans and Democrats. This week the Senate refused to take up her nomination to confirm her for the position permanently. As a result, she will be out of a job when the legislature adjourns.

Rick Perry will appoint her successor who will serve until the legislature meets again in two years. Lets hope he gets it right this time.



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