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What You Should Know about Paralysis

Being confined to a wheelchair is bad enough when you’re elderly, middle aged, or in your 20s—but when it happens to a child, as the result of an avoidable accident, it’s the kind of thing that causes people to take notice and demand retribution.

According to ABC News, a nine-year-old Fort Worth girl, Xitclalli Vasquez, was paralyzed from the chest down when a drunk driver struck the car she was riding in. The driver, Jeremy Solis, was found to have a blood-alcohol level of 0.23 percent, nearly three times the minimum for a drunk driving prosecution. After copping a plea, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with the possibility of parole after five years.

As is usually the case during these proceedings, Vasquez was given the opportunity to address Solis in court, and her oral statement moved the participants to tears. “I don’t remember the first several days. I could not talk, so I had to use my thumb to answer yes or no,” she said. “While I was in UCLA I had very bad moments. They take xrays of me every day. I had tubes through my mouth and nose. There were times that I would cry and cry & hellip; in therapy they showed me how to lift myself and dress myself. But right now it’s still very hard. My mom does a lot for me but I try myself. There are days that I cry cause I can’t do what I used to. Well, I could keep going but my hand is getting tired. I would like you to meet me and my family…there are days that are bad because I have a hard time getting around.”….

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Paralyzed in an Accident? Don’t Count on Your Medical Insurance

Paralyzed in an Accident? Don't Count on Your Medical Insurance

One of the worst outcomes of any given accident is the partial or total paralysis of the victim’s body. If an individual is completely paralyzed on one side of his body (because of a stroke), or paralyzed below the neck or legs (because of damage to his spinal cord), he faces years of expensive physical therapy and confinement to a wheelchair.

Texas personal injury attorney Charles Dunn specializes in paralysis lawsuits; call him today at 806-763-1944 to find out what he can do for you!…

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Do You Need A Life Care Planner For Your Personal Injury Case

Do You Need A Life Care Planner For Your Personal Injury Case



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