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Texas Serious Bus Accident Litigation

Legal questions about bus accidents

For victims of bus accidents one of the first questions they ask is – who should they sue? The answer depends on who is liable. Claims are usually filed against the bus driver and the bus company, but if another driver was involved as in the case of a multiple vehicle accident, a case can be brought up against them as well.

Filing a Claim

First you have to talk to your Lubbock Texas lawyer to determine if you are qualified to file a no-fault benefits claim against the bus driver / bus company. If you’re qualified then you need to file the claim within the 6 month period following the accident. If you are going to sue for extra damages apart from no fault benefits (pain and suffering for example), you have to file it no later than six years after the accident.

Legal Rights of Vehicle Passengers

If you were a passenger of a vehicle and it collided with a bus, you can also sue the party responsible for the accident. By responsible this means the bus driver, the bus company, the drivers of other vehicles involved in the accident or even the person who was driving the car you were in.

If you were injured and a loved one was injured or killed, you can avail any of the legal options mentioned, and you can sue any entity or person who had a role in causing the accident. If you were the driver of a vehicle involved in the bus mishap, you can also sue anyone or any entity involved.

Due to the nature of these cases, it’s always a wise idea to talk to a lawyer first before taking action. With the help of Charles Dunn Lubbock Texas attorney, you will be assured of a comprehensive investigation of the accident and this improves your chances of getting a just compensation.

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