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Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries

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In this series of frequently asked questions (FAQs), Texas attorney Charles Dunn answers your questions about brain & spinal cord injuries.

QuestionMy teenaged son was paralyzed in a car accident caused by his friend, who was drunk at the time. I need help with my medical bills but I’m hesitant to sue my son’s friend’s family, because they’re my friends as well. What should I do?


AnswerThis is a tough situation, especially in the wake of a car accident that has traumatized not only you and your son, but your son’s friend and his family as well.

Still, the most important thing you need to deal with now is your mounting medical bills: even with the best insurance, permanent paralysis can cost a victim and his family hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars over the course of decades. Who should bear the brunt of these expenses—you and your son, or the person who was responsible for the accident?

But don’t worry, the situation isn’t as cut-and-dried as this. The fact is that, in the vast majority of personal injury cases, you won’t be collecting damages directly from your son’s friend’s family, but from their insurance company. Assuming your son’s friend or his parents carried liability insurance on their car or home, any substantial judgment will be paid by the insurance company. It’s not as if the family will have to sell its house to make you whole.

There is one important exception, though. Matters are much murkier if your son’s friend and his family don’t have any type of insurance, In this case, they may well be forced to sell some of their assets if they are successfully sued in a court of law—but if they didn’t carry any insurance to begin with, it’s likely they won’t have much in the way of assets, either.

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