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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Paralysis

Have a Question about Paralysis? It May Be Answered Here

In this series of frequently asked questions (FAQs), Texas attorney Charles Dunn answers your questions about paralysis lawsuits.

QuestionMy son was confined to a wheelchair after a serious car accident that left him partially paralyzed. His friend was driving the car at the time, and admitted responsibility for the crash. Can we sue for personal damages?

AnswerYes, you certainly can—though the process may be easier once you realize that you’re not actually suing your son’s friend (and his family), but rather their insurance company. Assuming that the driver of the car was carrying liability insurance at the time, or that his parents had a personal liability insurance policy, what will usually wind up happening is that your lawyer will negotiate with that insurance company for monetary damages.

In the most cut-and-dried cases, where there is no question about the circumstances of the accident and the driver’s liability, this process is fairly straightforward—though you’ll be surprised at the fight an insurance company can put up when it has to part with millions of dollars!

However, most personal injury cases are far more complicated than that, and there may be a protracted legal struggle involved to protect your son’s rights and compensate him for his future medical bills. Sometimes, a case has to go to trial before a judge and jury before the insurance company will consent to a major payout, though often it just takes the threat of a trial for the parties to agree to a settlement beforehand.

What if the responsible driver and his parents simply don’t have any insurance, liability or otherwise? Check your own unisured or underinsured automobile for coverage. And experience personal injury attorney can tell you if that portion of your policy will cover your injuries.

Questions? Texas personal injury lawyer Charles Dunn has over three decades of experience litigating paralysis lawsuits; you can call him today at 806-763-1944 to learn more about your prospective case.



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