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Some More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QuestionI have a choice of hospitals for my upcoming surgery. Does it matter where I have the procedure done?

AnswerIn Texas, if you have surgery at a County or State owned hospital, your rights to sue if the surgery is botched by the doctor are very, very limited. If you have the choice of hospitals before your surgery and want to be on the safe side, choose a private hospital over a publically owned hospital. For more information on why it is difficult if not impossible to sue a government owned hospital in Texas, give me a call today.

QuestionI don’t know if my injury is serious enough to make a claim. Should I wait until, or if, the injury gets worse?

AnswerNo. If you have been injured through the negligence of others, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible following your injury. An attorney will discuss the facts of your case with you and determine the appropriate action, if any, that needs to be taken.

QuestionI don’t have insurance and need back surgery as a result of a car accident. Can I make the at fault party pay for my surgery?
AnswerIf you are injured in an automobile accident and you need surgery but don’t have insurance, you are faced with only a few options. The first option is not to have the surgery until you take your case to trial and get a verdict or settlement. Generally, your doctor can write an opinion letter as to the necessity of the surgery and the cost of the surgery. This evidence can be used to settle your claim or, if necessary, the doctor can testify at trial as to the need for the surgery and the estimated cost. Although waiting to have the surgery is not ideal, it may be your only choice. Your second option is to find a doctor or hospital that is willing to pay for the surgery in exchange for payment after your case is settled or tried to verdict. Your lawyer can arrange this for you, but your choice of doctors or hospitals may be limited.

QuestionI do not think I can afford a lawyer. What do I do?

AnswerInitial consultation with the prospective client concerning injuries from an accident are free. Usually, injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis with the attorney being paid a percentage of the proceeds recovered from a judgment or settlement. You pay only if the lawyer obtains money for you or your loved one.

QuestionHow Long Do I Have To File A Lawsuit For My Personal Injury Claim

AnswerIf you live in Texas, there is a two year statute of limitations on personal injury claims. You must file suit within two years from the date of your injury or your suit is barred by the statute of limitations.

QuestionMy lawyer won’t call me back to give me a status report on my case. What should I do?

AnswerIf you have signed a contract for a lawyer to represent you, he has the duty and obligation to keep you updated on the status of your case. If you cannot get your lawyer to return your phone calls or to respond to your inquiries, you need to fire the attorney, pick up your file and hire another attorney who will handle the case for you.



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