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More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


My brother was killed in a collision with an 18 wheeler. Can I sue for the loss of the life of my brother?


In Texas, when a death occurs as a result of the negligence of another person, suit can only be brought under the “Wrongful Death” statute. The wrongful death statute in Texas states that the only people who can sue for the death of a loved one are the parents, the spouse and the children of the deceased. A sibling cannot sue for the wrongful death of another sibling.

QuestionI was seriously injured in a neighbor’s home when a loose window fell on me. I like the guy personally, but I still need to pay my medical bills. What should I do?
AnswerIn situations like this, you have to look at the facts calmly and rationally. Assuming you didn’t somehow precipitate this accident yourself—say, by attempting to close a drafty window that your friend already told you was loose—it’s not your fault that you were injured and need to pay your medical bills. It may seem like a shame to sue a neighbor with whom you’re on good terms, but there’s no reason for you to fall on your sword and swallow the expenses all by yourself, especially if you don’t have the necessary funds.

There is a silver lining, though. Assuming your neighbor has homeowner’s insurance, you won’t be draining his personal bank account in order to make yourself whole. Instead, you and your lawyer (and your neighbor and his lawyer) will negotiate a settlement with the responsible party’s insurance company. You may find it hard to remain on good terms, but at least your neighbor won’t have to sell his house to settle the bill.

What if your neighbor didn’t carry homeowner’s insurance, or if the cap on his insurance is well below your accumulated medical bills? Well, then matters become more complicated, which is why it’s important to enlist the services of an attorney well versed in the complicated tort laws of Texas.

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QuestionI was involved in an auto accident and the police didn’t give the at fault party a ticket. Can I still recover against him for my injuries?

AnswerWhen police investigate an accident to determine fault, they are simply stating their opinion of what occurred. They are not witnesses, but interview the driver and view the scene to make a determination of how the collison occurred. Just because the at fault party did not get a ticket does not mean that they can escape responsibilty for their negligence. Frequently insurance companies will deny your claim if the at fault party did not get a ticket. If this happens, contact a lawyer so that you can protect your rights.

QuestionI was injured on the job. Can I sue my employer if it was his fault?

AnswerIn Texas, you cannot sue your employer for an on the job injury if the employer provides Workers Compensation coverage to its employees. If there is no Workers Compensation coverage, and you can prove that your employer was negligent and that negligence caused your injury, then you can sue your employer. Contact a personal injury attorney to determine if your employer has Workers Compensation coverage.


I have acid reflux and my doctor recommends surgery. What should I expect?

AnswerSurgery to help with acid reflux should be a last resort when medicine and diet changes don’t work. There are several different surgical options available to treat acid reflux, some of which are controversial because of complications or cost. Your best approach is to contact at least two qualified doctors for their recommendations before choosing surgery.




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