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Motorcycle Accident Attorney Texas

Motorcycle Accident: Essential Facts You Need to Know

In a motorcycle accident, majority of the claims fall under negligence as defined by the law. If the motorcycle rider was the victim, he or she can file a claim for damages and injury, but if he or she is partly to blame for the accident, contributory negligence principles state that recovery for damages may be limited. If it’s found to be comparative negligence, then both parties will pay a calculated amount.

Motorcycle Defects

If the accident was due to a manufacturer defect or design flaw, you have the right to sue the manufacturer. A design defect means the company constructed the motorcycle that way deliberately, while a manufacturer defect indicates there was an error in the design implementation, making it vulnerable to accidents. In Texas, you should use the services of a Texas lawyer with proven experience in this area of the law to file a claim and boost your chances of winning.

Getting Legal Help

If you have been involved in a motorcycle mishap the first thing you should do is get medical treatment. Then hire a good lawyer. Make sure your lawyer discusses in detail what your legal rights are. Do not take legal action without consulting your attorney. Keep copies of your medical records, bills and other expenses as these documents will be used as evidence when the case goes to court.

If you were riding a motorcycle and got involved in a collision, contact your lawyer. If you’re in Texas, call a Lubbock attorney Charles Dunn. Do not sign any forms or documents and do not admit to anything without advice from your legal counsel as that is crucial to preserve your legal rights. If possible, take pictures of the damage your motorcycle incurred and any injuries you sustained.

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