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Have You Been Paralyzed in an Accident? Charles Dunn Can Help

Short of death, full or partial paralysis can be the worst outcome of a car accident, work mishap, or medical malpractice incident. Not only has the victim lost the use of his arms and/or his legs, but he also faces years of expensive rehabilitation, with no guarantee that he will ever recover the use of his affected limbs.

If you or a loved one has been stricken with paralysis as the result of an accident that was not your fault, you owe it to yourself to contact Texas paralysis attorney Charles Dunn for a free consultation!

Paralysis Has Serious Long-Term Financial Consequences

Medical science is still in its relative infancy when dealing with paralytic strokes—that is, brain hemorrhages that result in paralysis to one side of the body—or damage to the spinal cord. There is no cure on the horizon, which means that a paralyzed individual may:

  •     Be restricted to a wheelchair for the rest of his life
  •     Need assistance dressing, eating, or performing other everyday functions
  •     Require regular rehabilitative therapy to keep his paralyzed limbs fit and toned
  •     Have no choice but to enter a permanent rehabilitation facility, at great cost to his family and the state of Texas
  •     Be a financial burden to his immediate family for decades to come

Even if you have the world's best medical insurance, it's unlikely that you will be 100 percent covered for the cost of full or partial paralysis. Does your policy cover trips in an ambulance to and from a care facility? The cost of equipment—wheelchairs, monitors, etc.—and their upkeep? Do you need to provide co-payments for various prescription medicines, which can total thousands of dollars a year?

If you add the numbers up, you can see why it's important to hold the responsible party to account if you or a loved one has been partially or totally paralyzed in an accident. If the paralysis was the result of the negligence or recklessness of another person—a speeding driver, a construction site owner trying to cut costs, etc.—you may have grounds for a claim.

Paralyzed in an Accident? Call Charles Dunn Today

Charles Dunn has over three decades of experience litigating personal injury lawsuits in Texas, and has an extensive background dealing with partially or totally paralyzed victims seeking financial damages. Questions? Call Charles today at 806-763-1944 to learn what he can do for you!



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