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Texas personal injury attorney Charles Dunn exclusively focus on serious injury litigations, representing clients throughout the State from the offices in Lubbock and San Antonio. Lubbock Attorney Charles Dunn is Board-Certified by Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial Law. Law offices of Charles Dunn handles all kind of injury and accident related cases in the State of Texas, including auto, truck, motorcycle, construction accidents, work injuries, wrongful death, product liability, animal attacks, social security disability claims, workers’ compensation claims, product recalls, drug recalls and other types of serious injury and wrongful death litigation. All initial consultations are free of charge and completely confidential. For immediate assistance, call us at 806-763-1944.

Most of the insurance companies don’t wish you to talks with a lawyer as they do want to settle it as little as possible. When you hire a injury lawyer in Texas, they will help you find comfort through their experience towards getting you the financial compensation.

Personal injury Attorney Charles Dunn prepares every accident compensation claim case as if it will be tried in a court of law. He will fight for your rights after a car accident or other serious injury, to get your claim resolved quickly with the maximum compensation what you deserve.

Certified and experienced Texas injury lawyer you can rely on, service beyond your expectations. Our offices are committed to getting you the financial compensation what you deserve.

Were you injured in an auto accidents, motorcycle accidents and car accidents?

Injuries arise when you have been hurt by car accidents, auto accidents, truck accidents, aviation accident, wrongful death, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, and more.

Charles Dunn Lubbock, Texas Personal injury attorney is one of the renowned lawyer in Federal Court, Texas Northern District Court and Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Our Law offices have been fighting for victims’ rights since 1980. We gained authority in the community as an aggressive, renowned and experienced lawyer. With three decades (36 years) of experience and strong trial records, our law offices represented and settled more than 200 serious injury cases in the State of Texas.

If you have been injured, in the State of Texas, in an accident that was not your fault, you want to hold the right party responsible: that other motorist who crashed into you on the freeway, the owners of the construction site where a poorly maintained piece of equipment spun out of control, the big-box store where you were injured by a falling pallet. We invite you to speak with one of our experienced personal injury lawyer in Texas who will be happy to explain the specific laws and rules that may apply in the State of Texas.

If you wish your personal injury lawsuit to be successful, you can expect our Texas personal injury lawyer to fight for the best possible outcome, and to get you the compensation what you deserve. Contact us for a No Obligation and FREE Consultation today at 806-763-1944.

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Personal Injuries Can Result from Various Causes

There are countless ways an unsuspecting person can sustain a serious personal injury, but generally, personal injury lawsuits fall into only a few broad categories:

  • Vehicle accidents. If you are struck by another vehicle at any speed, you can sustain injuries ranging from whiplash to internal bleeding to complete paralysis. In the most successful personal injury cases, the victim will be able to demonstrate that the accident was not his fault in any way, and all the responsibility lay with another driver (or even the owner or manufacturer of the vehicle).
  • Premises liability. If you are injured in any kind of accident on another person’s property-your neighbor’s house, your local shopping mall, a stadium or parking garage you may be able to hold the owner of that property liable for damages, if it can be shown that your injuries were caused by negligence or recklessness (say, failing to install proper lighting).
  • Factory and construction accidents. It is the responsibility of the owners and managers of factory and construction sites to ensure that safety standards are being met and that employees are properly trained in the use of heavy equipment. A serious injury result from any mishaps can be grounds for a lawsuit, either against your managers, your coworkers, or the owner of the site.

Were You Injured in Any Kind of Accident? Charles Dunn Can Help

With his extensive experience in the field, Charles Dunn has an excellent feel for what distinguishes a winnable from a non-winnable personal injury case and he will not waste your time if he doesn’t reasonably expect to obtain a sizable judgment.

If you have been hurt in an accident, contact the personal injury lawyer at Office of Charles Dunn. Our personal injury attorney in Texas represent victims throughout the state, including Dallas, Austin, Houston and Lubbock. We have also successfully advocated for clients throughout the area, including Arlington, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth, El Paso, Garland, Kauffman, Tyler Texas, and Sherman. Complete a free online consultation form or call us at 806-763-1944!

Texas Personal Injury Statutes of Limitations

In The State of Texas, the personal injury statute of limitations for lawsuits gives you two years from the date of the accident to file a litigation in the court.

For instance, a car was totaled in an auto accident 5 years ago. Today you decide you have a compensation claim you want to pursue. Unfortunately, in Texas, the statute of limitation for injury to personal property is two years. Since your lawsuit will be filed three years after the statute of limitation passed and presuming no exceptions to the limitation apply, you will be unable to file a lawsuit.

Therefore, it is important to understand and adhere to this rule. In case, if you are not able to file a litigation before the stipulated time of two-year, Texas civil court system will likely unable to hear your case, and your right for compensation claim will be lost.

Attorney Charles Dunn, Lubbock has three decades of experience litigating personal injury lawsuits. He can advise you whether you have a viable case, and if so, how to proceed. Have you been injured in an accident? If it was not your fault, you may wish to discuss your case with an experienced and aggressive Texas personal injury lawyer and who you can rely on, contact an experienced and aggressive Personal Injury Attorney in Texas and who you can rely on for a No Obligation and FREE Consultation today.

  • The time period begins to run on the date your claim arises or “accrues,” like the day of the car accident, or when a crime is committed, and
  • Once the statute of limitations has expired or “run,” you can’t file a lawsuit (or be prosecuted for a crime).

Why Clients Choose Charles Dunn?

Charles Dunn is a client-focused, results-driven Lubbock lawyer represent clients cases throughout the State of Texas. With extensive experience in the field, Mr. Dunn has an excellent feel for what distinguishes every personal injury case. When our Texas injury lawyer commit to a case, we stay committed to obtaining a sizable judgment. Need to file a Personal Injury claim? Do you want to know more about Personal Injury Law in Texas? How long usually is the personal injury trial itself?

Our process to deal with personal injury cases in the State of Texas!!

Our process to deal with personal injury cases in the State of Texas!!

  • Protect Your Rights
  • Medical treatment
  • Negotiation and settlement
  • Filing a lawsuit
  • Gather crucial information
  • Mediation/Arbitration
  • Jury Trial/Compensation

Texas Board of Legal Specialization approves only the most capable attorneys.

  • Our Texas injury lawyer handles your case beginning to end
  • More than 35 years’ experience and strong trial record
  • Over than 200 serious injury cases in the State of Texas
  • Resources to fully investigate to the every claim
  • Free, no obligation consultation

We know what it takes to effectively represent clients in many different types of cases, including:

Charles Dunn committed to representing injured victims and families throughout the State of Texas. Our Law Office has been helping personal injury victims since 1980.

Unsure about your personal injury lawsuit? Do you want to know more about Personal Injury Law in Texas? How long usually is the personal injury trial itself? Contact Texas personal injury attorney Charles Dunn for a No Obligation and FREE Consultation today at 806-763-1944.


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Texas Personal Injury Lawyer at Law offices of Charles Dunn is a Texas Board Certified attorney. With three decades (35 years) experienced and strong trial record. Our Texas Personal Injury Attorney is one the best in this field and have resolved injury cases.

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