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When you’re or a family member has been seriously injured due to the accident or negligence of someone else.

And you’re probably wondering what is possible when you have a very good Texas Personal Injury Attorney working for you?

Below is a sampling of some of the results Mr. Dunn have obtained for the clients. There is an opportunity to try and do the same for you. Look over the results – and when you’re ready to tell Mr. Dunn what happened to you or your family member, call Law Offices of Charles Dunn at 806-763-1944. There is no cost to you for this call. Mr. Dunn will answer your questions, and ask you a few questions as well.

Board Certified Attorney by Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial Law. With three decades experience and strong trial records in serious personal injury cases. Law offices of Charles Dunn gained authority in the State of Texas as an aggressive, renowned and experienced Lubbock Attorneys. As a well-established personal injury Law Office, we are committed to representing injured victims and families throughout the state of Texas. Our Law Office has been helping accident victims since 1980.

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What do the current and former clients of Texas lawyer Charles Dunn have to say about his services? Read their testimonials here!

Mr. Eugene Herrera and his teenage daughter were involved in an 18-wheeler/auto collision which resulted in the death of the driver and Mr. Herrera's daugther.




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