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Truck Accident Lawyer in Texas – Charles Dunn

Truck Accidents: What are Your Legal Options?

Thousands of people suffer injuries involving truck accidents year after year, and the sad truth is that they don’t get sufficient compensation because they are unaware of their full legal rights. Truck accidents could lead to serious injuries and/or extensive property damage, but by knowing your legal options you can get the best compensation you deserve. This is why you need the help of a good lawyer who has extensive experience in truck accident cases.


This is the most important aspect of any vehicular accident, as it refers to the party that was responsible for the accident. Those who are held liable are not entitled to any damage claims, obviously but in order to get adequate compensation its best that you contact the law office of Charles Dunn Lubbock Texas lawyer with a proven track record in similar cases.

Injuries Sustained in the Accident

Your lawyer will also help you sue for injuries or damages you suffered because of the accident. There are several stipulations for this however, not the least of which is it that must be proven the other party was responsible for the injuries you suffered, and otherwise you won’t be entitled to any monetary claim. Under these circumstances a qualified lawyer is your best option.

Filing a Lawsuit

If you decide to sue the other party, you must establish the facts mentioned above, and only then will it be possible to gain financial compensation for your injuries. At this point there will be an investigation of the incident to find out what really happened. This involves going over the scene of the accident, interviewing the witnesses and so on.

During this time, the trucking company involved in the accident will have investigators go over the site of the accident as well. For these reasons contact Charles Dunn Lubbock Texas attorney to ensure your rights are protected right from the start.

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