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Texas Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful Deaths in Texas

Wrongful deaths involve the death of one or more persons due to misconduct or negligence of another person or entity. In such a scenario, the surviving family members can sue, and the process is similar to criminal trials. While courts usually require a lower standard of proof, an understanding of the process is necessary you proceed.


A wrongful death lawsuit can only be made by a representative of the person’s estate, and each state has a specific set of civil statutes that need to be followed. So if the victim lived in Texas, then you need a Texas lawyer to walk you through the process. A personal representative of the deceased can also bring action on account of suffering, conscious pain, personal injury or expenses that were incurred prior to the person’s death. If the suit is successful, the compensation will be given to their estate and could be divided among several parties as specified in the last will of the deceased.

The Lawyer’s Job

But in order for the case to be successful, your lawyer has to prove that the death of the decedent was caused by another party’s negligence, or there was an intention to harm which resulted in his or her death. Under these circumstances, the family can appoint someone to be the representative of the deceased’s estate.

As was pointed out above, there are many instances wherein a case may be filed, such as medical malpractice that led to the person’s death, car accident, occupational exposure, criminal act, and many more. In any event, it is best to talk to an experienced Lubbock, Texas lawyer who specializes in wrongful death cases so you will have a better understanding of your legal options and what needs to be done in order to obtain justice.

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