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Facts About Paralysis Lawsuits

One of the worst outcomes of any given accident is the partial or total paralysis of the victim's body. If an individual is completely paralyzed on one side of his body because of a stroke, or paralyzed below the neck or legs because of damage to his spinal cord, he faces years of expensive physical therapy and confinement to a wheelchair.

Medical science is often helpless when dealing with cases of paralysis; the best doctors can offer is long-term rehabilitative care, which can be an expensive proposition even if you have the best medical insurance. Many victims of medical malpractice have no other option than to file suit in order to obtain compensation to pay for these costly treatments.

It is for this reason that paralysis victims contact me for legal representation: I have a record of success in obtaining large settlements on behalf of my clients.

The Three Major Kinds Of Paralysis

Most cases of paralysis fall into three separate categories:

  • HEMIPLEGIA is paralysis on one side of the victim's body. This is usually caused as the result of a massive stroke or brain hemorrhage, though it can also be caused by botched hospital procedures such as mistakes during brain surgery. The damage to the right side of the brain causes paralysis on the left side of the victim's body, and the same applies to the damage inflicted on the left side of the brain. In some exceptional cases, it may be possible to reverse the effects of hemiplegia, but there are no guarantees.
  • PARAPLEGIA is the diagnosis when the victim is completely paralyzed below the waist, as the result of a severe spinal injury. A paraplegic will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and often faces years of physical therapy. However, he retains a certain amount of mobility, because he still has the use of his arms.
  • QUADRIPLEGIA is the most severe type of paralysis, in which the victim is completely paralyzed from the neck down. Not only are quadriplegics permanently confined to wheelchairs, but they are also unable to live alone. Even the assistance of close family members may be unable to provide the level of care they need. Many quadriplegics spend the rest of their lives in nursing homes, at great cost to their families.

Have You, Or A Loved One, Been Paralyzed As A Result Of Medical Malpractice?

I have been advising victims of medical malpractice who have suffered paralysis due to physician or hospital error for over 30 years. Contact me at 806-763-1944 or complete my online survey to arrange a free and confidential consultation.

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