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Whether your trip to a hospital is planned or is an emergency, you expect the medical professionals who are caring for you to provide a standard of care that reflects the high level of training they've received. In most cases, physicians and staff will meet your expectations, allowing you to leave the facility in better shape than when you entered. When health care providers are negligent, however, their mistakes can lead to life-long complications or death.

For over 30 years, I have been counseling victims of medical malpractice in Texas. I have seen the toll the negligence takes on entire families like yours. I understand that the stresses created by the malpractice extend beyond the physical adaptations you may require. I know that medical errors also affect your mental and emotional well-being.

I consider representing victims of medical malpractice to be my vocation as a lawyer. This is why I offer advice on protecting your case before it goes to trial and identify common scenarios of medical negligence. It is for this reason that I will aggressively advocate for your case: I know that a settlement may not undo the damage done, but it will enable you to pay off debts and create closure.

My Experience Promotes Favorable Outcomes

Drawing on my years of experience and comprehensive understanding of this field, I can assess your claims and determine if your case rhas merit in such matters as:

During your free consultation with me, I will listen to your story and will advise you on the best plan forward. I have cultivated relationships with established physicians and medical advisors in areas that span the medical field. These well-respected professionals will review your medical records and other information and can provide testimony supporting your claims in court.

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