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Advising Parents After A Birth Injury

Did a mistake made during delivery cause problems for your child? The vast majority of hospital deliveries go "by the book," and the healthy, happy newborn baby is sent home with its parents in two or three days. In certain instances, though, there are unforeseen complications, and the newborn infant experiences trauma during birth, which can result in severe brain damage or other developmental issues.

As a medical malpractice attorney, I have more than 30 years' experience in representing parents whose newborns have been injured due to negligence of a doctor's error or a hospital's mistake. If your newborn has incurred serious injuries because of the mistakes of an attending doctor or nurse, you may have the grounds to file a compensation claim in Texas. Having counseled parents in your situation, I know when the circumstances of your child's birth — and the injuries your child has sustained — point to a viable lawsuit.

Identifying Those Responsible For Your Child's Birth Injuries

Not every injury sustained during birth can be blamed on a doctor, nurse or hospital. Unforeseen events do happen, and in most cases, the hospital staff does everything in its power (and more) to ensure a safe delivery.

However, a medial provider can be held liable for a Texas birth injury if:

  • The newborn is not adequately monitored during birth, so the doctor is not aware that it is being deprived of oxygen or experiencing an irregular heartbeat.
  • The doctor allows labor to go on for too long, resulting in complications for the newborn infant, when a C-section would have been the obvious course of action.
  • The doctor or nurse mishandled the newborn baby manually or with forceps as it emerged from the birth canal, resulting in serious bodily injuries.
  • The doctor misdiagnoses the newborn's condition, or makes the wrong diagnosis, putting the baby at further risk of complications or oxygen deprivation.
  • The doctor or nurse is inadequately trained to handle anything but the most straightforward deliveries, and the medical professional panics when things go wrong.

One of the characteristics that makes birth injuries so unsettling is that it's often not apparent that the newborn has suffered any damage at all: The doctor may admit that it was a "rough delivery," but the hospital still sends you home, saying the baby is fine.

It may take two or three years for any neurological damage to manifest itself — at which point you'll need the representation of an experienced birth injury lawyer to help answer your questions and fight for compensation to cover life-long expenses.

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