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The importance of nurses in medical teams

Texas hospitals employ people in many different capacities, and all of them are responsible for providing efficient service and care to the many patients who enter their facilities every day. Nurses play one of the most important roles in health care, providing direct assistance to patients and doctors, including surgeons.

Surgical nurses may spend more time with each patient than a surgeon does. The surgical nurse usually sees the patients before and after surgery and may be more aware of individual aspects of each patient's case than the surgeon is. The surgical nurse assists the surgeon during surgery and has knowledge of surgical operations, instruments and procedures. In addition, he or she provides a second set of eyes and ears to the surgeon and can call attention to issue the surgeon might miss.

Office nurses also play a vital role in establishing a personal connection with patients before a doctor even sees them. The office nurse interviews patients and follows up with them, as well as providing a medical professional's expertise to routine office work. This can eliminate common mistakes that could possibly harm patients if not corrected.

Teamwork is essential to providing good medical care to patients. Nurses provide a direct link between doctor and patient as well as between patients, doctors and the rest of the medical personnel.

Because nurses play such an important role in providing medical care to patients, they also have tremendous responsibility. A nurse, like a doctor, surgeon or other medical professional could be charged with medical negligence if the standard of care is not met. Surgical errors, wrong-site surgery and instruments left in the body are just some examples of occurrences that could harm a patient and might be compensable.

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