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Lump in the foot could be sign of serious cancer

When someone visits a Texas physician complaining of foot pain or a foot lump, the chances of bone cancer are very low, but the possibility needs to be considered. A physician might easily misdiagnose a malignant form of bone tumor known as osteosarcoma when it appears on the foot of an adult. Physicians tend to expect to see osteosarcoma in other parts of the body and among teenagers.

Someone with a foot lump, especially accompanied by pain or night sweats, should seek a medical evaluation. A physician will attempt to rule out common foot problems, like stress fractures or infections. Medical personnel should ask patients for details about medical histories, particularly if tumors or cancer have been occurring in other family members. Physicians might call for X-rays or magnetic resonance imaging to get a better idea of the extent of the tumor.

Identification of a malignant bone tumor requires treatment coordinated by multiple specialists. A patient might need surgery to remove the tumor as well as chemotherapy and radiation. Following up with X-rays after treatment needs to happen to catch the possible return of the malignancy as soon as possible. Malignant tumors in the foot can advance to metastatic disease that severely worsens the prognosis for patients.

A physician's failure to diagnose a disease accurately could cause a patient to miss an opportunity for appropriate treatment or receive unnecessary treatment. In some cases, a claim of medical malpractice could be valid if the physician did not meet accepted standards of care. An attorney who has experience with these types of cases could help a patient organize the documentation for a lawsuit.

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