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Diagnostic procedure for multiple sclerosis under revision

Texas patients who are seeking a diagnosis for an unknown illness or condition may be interested to learn that the McDonald Criteria for diagnosing multiple sclerosis was revised. The revisions could help speed up the diagnostic process while reducing the potential for a misdiagnosis.

MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the myelin, or protective sheath, that surrounds nerve fibers. Eventually, the nerves can become permanently damaged, causing some patients to lose the ability to walk. While there is no cure, a speedy multiple sclerosis diagnosis and early treatment can help those suffering from the disease manage their symptoms and even modify the course of the disease. However, obtaining one can be difficult as there are multiple tests that are needed before a diagnosis can be made. While the multiple tests can potentially rule out other conditions, the process can delay a diagnosis.

The major revisions surround the first clinically isolated syndrome a person experiences. The panel reviewing the criteria recommended that those with typical ones should have a brain MRI completed during the diagnostic process in addition to a spinal MRI if needed. Further, an MS course should be indicated at the time the condition is diagnosed. As the disease evolves, the MS course should be re-evaluated.

Even though there are many diagnostic tests available for multiple sclerosis, getting a misdiagnosis is still not uncommon. However, a misdiagnosis could lead to medication errors and the failure to receive appropriate and early treatment for a condition that can quickly become debilitating. If a medical mistake is made and a patient misses out on early treatment as a result, he or she may have the grounds to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. People in this position might want to meet with an attorney to discuss their particular situations.

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