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Treating sepsis

About 1 to 3 million people throughout Texas and the rest of the nation receive a diagnosis of sepsis every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Up to 30 percent of those people will die from the condition.

The head of the Epidemiological Research and Innovations Branch at the CDC states that sepsis is the result of the body overreacting to an infection. Sepsis has the potential to be fatal because the inflammation and blood flow stoppage it causes can result in organ failure.

There are certain segments of the population that have an increased chance of developing sepsis. According to a report issued by the CDC, almost 80 percent of sepsis patients develop the condition outside of the hospital. It also reported that seven out of 10 sepsis patients recently had a chronic disease for which they received medical care often or had recently received some type of health care services.

Currently, there are no tests that can diagnose sepsis. Clinicians form sepsis diagnoses by evaluating certain symptoms and biomarkers that are detected in lab tests. Receiving early treatment has a significant role in overcoming sepsis. Individuals with sepsis will see an increase in the likelihood that their infection will be fatal the longer they do not receive treatment.

Sepsis symptoms may include experiencing severe discomfort or pain, fever, disorientation, clammy skin or shivering. Sepsis sufferers may also have shortness of breath and a high heart rate.

A failure to diagnose is one form of medical malpractice for which doctors and hospitals may be held financially liable. An attorney who practices medical malpractice law may pursue financial compensation against the negligent parties if a misdiagnosis resulted in the spread of a disease, delayed treatment, unnecessary treatment or a worsened condition.

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