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The symptoms of cancer in the small intestines

Some Texas residents who are eventually diagnosed with small intestine cancer, or adenocarcinoma, may find that it can take a while to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Part of the problem is that the symptoms of this type of cancer often have more common causes, so patients who exhibit these signs may be misdiagnosed with other conditions.

One of the first symptoms of small intestine cancer often is pain that occurs in the stomach area. Rather than being sharp or defined, this particular pain can feel similar to a cramp. Further, the pain is not constant and can worsen or lessen throughout the day or after a person eats. As the tumor grows, it can start to prevent the blockage of food as it travels through the digestive system. Severe pain and nausea can occur if the tumor grows large enough to completely block the small intestine.

There are a few other signs that indicate that someone may have cancer in the small intestines. In some cases, the tumor may start bleeding into the intestines. This can cause a person to suffer from anemia. Rapid bleeding can lead to blood in the stool and cause a person to experience fainting spells. If the tumor is located in the duodenum and blocks a bile duct, an individual could become jaundiced.

The failure to diagnose cancer can cause someone to suffer significant harm. If the cancer is advanced enough, a late diagnosis could result in a poor prognosis or additional treatment a person may not have needed if it had been diagnosed earlier. If the misdiagnosis or the lack of diagnosis resulted from negligence on behalf of a physician or the hospital, a medical malpractice attorney may help a patient seek compensation for the damages by filing a medical malpractice claim against the parties involved.

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