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Maker of more accurate lupus test promotes awareness of disease

Texas readers suffering from lupus know that many people are unfamiliar with the autoimmune disease. However, the manufacturer of a lupus diagnostic test is participating in "Lupus Awareness Month" in May to help more people learn about the condition.

Exagen specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune rheumatic conditions. In 2012, the company released the AVISE CTD test, which helps doctors diagnose and manage systemic lupus erythematosus. To date, it has sold more than 225,000 of the tests to over 1,500 health care facilities throughout the United States. According to Exagen, AVISE CTD is the only lupus test that uses cell-bound complement activation products, which makes it more accurate than other testing methods for the disease.

Lupus causes the body's immune system to attack healthy organs and tissues. Symptoms of the disease include fevers, joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue, facial rashes and hair loss. Around 5 million people are affected by the condition worldwide, and women are more likely than men to be diagnosed with it. Because it is incurable, lupus treatments aim to minimize organ damage and reduce pain and other symptoms. Studies have shown that up to 51 percent of lupus patients are initially misdiagnosed.

A doctor's failure to diagnose lupus could cause a patient to suffer a worsened medical condition. When this happens, the patient has the right to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit seeking compensation for damages, including current and future medical expenses. A medical malpractice attorney might review a patient's case to determine whether the health care practitioners involved failed to provide the requisite standard of care. If negligence is found, a settlement may be negotiated.

Source: Clinical Leader, "Exagen Points The Way For Patients With Difficult-To-Diagnose Disease," May 2, 2018

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