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The risks associated with LASIK eye surgery

For some, relying on contact lenses or glasses can be a daily annoyance. However, LASIK surgery can reduce a person's reliance on these medical devices while still having clearer vision. The surgery changes the shape of the cornea to make the person's vision clearer permanently. However, as with all medical procedures, there are some risks associated with this particular procedure.

The risks associated with LASIK are varied. For example, some people may develop debilitating medical complications with their vision, such as double vision, glare and haloes. If the surgery is not performed correctly, a patient could still have to rely on glasses or contacts to see correctly. Dry eye syndrome, which is a condition where a person's eyes cannot produce enough tears, is another health risk that can have an impact on a person's comfort. The surgery is relatively new, meaning the effectiveness of the procedure in the long term is not known.

Because there are major risks, some individuals may want to avoid the potential complications. Patients whose vision has changed within the last year may want to wait on a surgery. Those who take medications or have a disease that affects wound healing may also want to avoid this procedure.

Whether a procedure is essential or elective, patients expect that their doctors will provide a certain standard of care. While most healthcare professionals do what they can to reduce the risks of any major complications, mistakes that result in life-long disabilities, pain or other complications can still occur. If there is evidence that hospital negligence resulted in surgical errors, a medical malpractice attorney may help a harmed patient file a claim against the doctor and the hospital. If a settlement that covers the additional medical costs and pain and suffering cannot be reached, the attorney may litigate.

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