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Artificial intelligence could reduce skin cancer misdiagnoses

Texas skin cancer patients could soon be diagnosed with the help of artificial intelligence, or AI. According to a new study, the advanced technology can diagnose skin cancer with more accuracy than experienced doctors.

In the study, which appeared in Annals of Oncology, a medical journal, on May 28, researchers from the U.S., France and Germany taught a convolutional neural network, or CNN, how to recognize malignant melanomas. To do this, they showed it more than 100,000 images of both benign moles and malignant skin cancers. The network was also given the correct diagnosis for each image.

The researchers found that the CNN's ability to correctly diagnose skin cancer cases increased with each image it was shown. Once the computer had processed all the images, it was shown new skin moles and cancers to test how accurately it could diagnose them. The same images were also shown to a group of experienced dermatologists. The study found that the CNN correctly diagnosed around 95 percent of malignant melanomas while the doctors correctly diagnosed approximately 86.6 percent. However, the doctors' accuracy rate increased to 88.9 percent when they were provided both an image and clinical information, including a patient's sex, age and the location of the lesion. According to the authors of the study, AI could help reduce the risk of misdiagnoses and improve patient outcomes.

The failure to diagnose skin cancer could lead to devastating consequences for patients. These consequences could include a worsened medical condition and possibly even death. Victims of a delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis might have grounds to file a medical malpractice claim against the responsible doctor. An attorney could review a victim's case and recommend the best way to obtain compensation.

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