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Dealing with surgical errors as they occur

While surgical procedures can save and improve the lives of many Texas residents, there are occasions when surgery goes wrong. When it does, complications that arise can result in errors that can have a negative impact on both the person's life and his or her family members' lives.

When complications from surgical procedures do arise, corrections can sometimes be made, especially if the patient alerts the doctors of any pain or other potential problems immediately after the surgery. For example, a 76-year-old patient who had a total knee arthroplasty immediately alerted doctors to her pain following the surgery. Her surgeon found a tear in an artery in the area of the surgical site after ordering a Doppler ultrasonography. The surgeon was able to fix the tear, allowing blood flow to be restored.

Patients should be aware of what to expect after a surgical procedure has taken place. If a patient has concerns regarding intense pain or other potential surgical complications, he or she should speak up. It can be helpful to have a friend or family member present to ask any additional questions about what can be expected. If a complication does occur, patients should ask for copies of their medical records, request an investigation and submit a complaint to the hospital or medical board.

When surgical procedures go wrong, surgical errors can have an impact on a person's quality of life while increasing the amount of time he or she has to spend in a hospital. In certain cases, a patient can file a medical malpractice claim against the hospital or surgeon who performed the procedure if there is evidence of negligence. A medical malpractice attorney may represent an injured patient and work to bolster the case with expert testimony from other health professionals in the medical field.

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