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IV drug shortages can lead to medication errors

Medication errors may cause serious injuries or fatalities, making it important for doctors and pharmacists to be careful with prescription and intravenous drugs. Intravenous drug shortages are one problem that can lead to medication errors. When a Texas pharmacy's supply of IV drugs runs low, it may lead the pharmacy to use high-risk compounding to make the drugs used in anesthesia.

According to Pharmacy Times, 40 percent of attendees at the annual ASHP meeting and exhibition reported that their pharmacies had run out of key drug components because of shortages. An additional 77 percent reported that medication errors had occurred at their locations because of shortages of drug components.

The attendees also reported that drug shortages at their facilities had led to increases in manual compounding, high-risk compounding, automation and outsourcing. Using manually mixed drugs can lead to an increased risk of harm to patients when IV drug shortages occur. Pharmacies should comply with federal regulations, including those that govern the use of components after their expiration dates.

Medication errors may result in permanent disabilities or death. People who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones because of medication errors might want to file lawsuits against the professionals who were involved in the medication errors. By filing medical malpractice lawsuits, victims or their families may be able to hold the defendants accountable for their actions. This may help the victims or the families of people who died recover compensation for their losses. Lawsuits may also help change the practices at hospitals and pharmacies so that future incidents can be prevented. Those who have suffered from medication errors may want to consult with medical malpractice lawyers to learn about their potential claims and their recovery rights.

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