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November 2018 Archives

Costs related to retained surgical instruments tops $2.4 billion

Approximately one in every 5,500 surgeries involves a retained surgical instrument. In other words, the patient has a medical device or item accidentally left behind in them after the procedure. Approximately 70 percent of these surgical devices are sponges. While a sponge or a surgical screw doesn't have a large monetary value for a Texas hospital, the price of a medical mistake can be enormous. The costs per each case of a retained surgical device averages $600,000 in damages and legal fees. The annual costs across the nation are estimated to be $2.4 billion.

Surgeon removes kidney during back surgery without consent

Surgical mistakes that result in what the medical community calls "never events" involve operating on the wrong body part and even removing the wrong body part. People in Texas planning surgeries should know that these incidents happen in about 1 out of 112,000 surgeries according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The case of a woman who lost a kidney during a back operation illustrates how mistakes arise from poor surgical preparation and lack of consent.

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