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Lack of details can lead to a misdiagnosis

Misdiagnosis occurs more often than patients in Texas or elsewhere may believe. However, there are cases when a diagnosis is correct but may not be completely accurate. In other situations, the diagnosis may be too vague to allow medical professionals to effectively treat a patient. Even if someone receives treatment, it may not result in that person getting any better. It is also possible that an incorrect or vague diagnosis could lead to treatment that makes a condition worse.

For example, a person could be diagnosed with back pain. However, there are many different possible reasons why the pain is occurring. When people don't see any improvement in their condition, they may feel compelled to see more than one doctor in an effort to resolve the problem. Patients are encouraged to get a second opinion if they don't feel comfortable with their current diagnosis.

However, people should know that even doctors within the same field may not always agree on the proper diagnosis. This is because they may not ask for detailed information or otherwise make assumptions based on what a patient tells them. For instance, a doctor could assume that a person has arthritis just because of his or her age. By looking for more specifics, medical professionals may be able to obtain better outcomes for their patients.

If a failure to diagnose a patient properly leads to a worsened condition, it may be possible for that person to take legal action. This may result in a doctor, hospital or other parties being held liable for damages, which may include medical bills, lost wages and other costs related to the improper diagnosis. An attorney may help someone gather evidence that may bolster that person's claim that malpractice took place.

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