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Multiple tests and procedures monitor spread of bladder cancer

Detecting bladder cancer requires specific tests that look for the presence of cancer cells or tumors. People normally experience some symptoms before seeking medical attention. Ideally, Texas physicians will detect the cancer early when treatments have a greater chance of success. The process involves diagnosing the cancer, removing tumors and monitoring for the spread of cancer.

A patient presenting with blood in the urine, even small amounts, should generally receive a urine cytology test. A physician will look for cancer cells within a urine sample. A more thorough test using a cystoscope that enters the bladder through the urethra might be used to collect samples. The cystoscope could also be applied to get a closer look at suspicious growths and inform a decision about proceeding with a biopsy or surgery.

A surgical procedure called a transurethral bladder tumor resection will collect the biopsy samples. Laboratory analysis will then determine the presence of cancer. The medical team must also evaluate whether the tumor has entered the bladder muscles or spread throughout the body. A variety of different scans, such as CT scans, PET CT scans or MRIs, could look for swollen lymph nodes or metastatic tumors.

Delays in a diagnosis or failing to detect the spread of cancer could endanger a person's ability to recover. A person who believes that a failure to diagnose resulted in a worsened condition, more pain and suffering and additional medical expenses might want the opinion of an attorney. An independent evaluation of medical records arranged for by an attorney might show that the physician's care fell short of accepted standards. This negligence could enable the recovery of financial damages with a medical malpractice claim. An attorney might broker a pretrial settlement with the insurer or take the case to court.

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